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Road opening candle spell work


Road opening spellwork.

Feeling like you got a funk?
Might try new things and somehow feel like you hit a brick wall?
No matter what you try, you feel something comes up and takes the energy out of you?
Road opening spell-work is aimed to transform any funk and negative energy clinging on to us and transform it into useful energy to help us achieve our goal, good for but not limited to the following purposes.
- love
- business
- work
- good luck
- new ventures
- new proposals
- contracts
- education
And more, the spellwork has a base structure but changes depending the goal requested.

This is a working which takes a couple of days to prepare it, once you have purchased this service, message with your full info and situation, birthdate and birth name + current name (if changed) and the goal desired/ petition.
You’ll receive photos and a report of the working once is finished.