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Manticore’s Den is a project which was born out of need.
Sketch process

The need to offer unique items and artwork to honor spiritual beings/ Deities in many occult practices.

Paintings, tattoos, and amulets go through a process of ritualized steps to accomplish a bonding with the presence of the spirit/ deity being honored, in order to further bless imagery aside from the original pieces, prints also undergo a series of blessings.

Based on conjure practices and further developed by one on one experience with other practices such as Quimbanda, Conjure, Brujeria, and Thai necromancy.

Manticore’s Den is a spark of inspiration within the occult world, a vision drawn from personal work, experiences and unusual artistic touch, set ablaze by collaboration work between sorcerers, ajarns and spirits., with the intention to create unique tools of fusions, and help the sorcerer/conjurer, experienced or neophyte to navigate their journey in personal practices.