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Rooster/ Spider coin amulet by Gary Noriyuki and ajarn Wutkongmon.

Rooster/ Spider coin amulet by Gary Noriyuki and ajarn Wutkongmon.

Limited edition coins, a fusion of spiritual practices rooted in conjure and Thai-magic.
Rooster alerter, protector, surrounded with sigils of power to provide with Protection against hurtful gossip, protection against thieves, protector against lingering negativity and psychic attacks, within its tail feathers, a spear can be found pointing up, enhancing an extra weapon to watch your back at all times.
On the opposite side, a spider on a web, a collector of good fortune, road opener to success, good for business, attractor of valuable people, charmer.
Blessed by the blessed writings and chanting of ajarn wutkongmon.

These coins have undergone multiple layers of rituals from the creation of the design, until physically receiving them, mostly with spirits of nature, including blessings of the Sun.
Rituals by ajarn wutkongmon were performed in Thailand while the rest was done by me in the woods of North America, and within the Den with my assisting spirits.

These coins are a collaboration of love of our practices and put together with the idea of bringing all around good luck and protection to those who wear/ carry with it with them, blending two practices to offer a strong amulet capable of helping you achieve that which your heart desires.

Instructions will be included with the coin.


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