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Magos amulet by Gary Noriyuki and ajarn Wutkongmon

Magos amulet by Gary Noriyuki and ajarn Wutkongmon

Aimed to help those who wish to work with this “other” types beings of nature who’s magic is strong, not just a charm to wear and bring good luck, but a key to help you access, create alliances and learn magic through the alliances you make.
This amulets have been composed of my artwork, my sigil working given during that session and a list of mysterious ingredients such as a mixture of mushrooms of many types, dirt from mountains and caves (from Connecticut and Thailand), dirt from edges of the woods, powders by Gary Noriyuki and herbs for attraction, enchanting. See pueng special recipe of attraction and charm and powders by ajarn wutkongmon, Each one has special takruts made to help achieve the work at hand.

Version 1: Helps protect from unwanted lingering energies during journeying, Helps open the door to commune with other beings, attracts good luck, accumulates energies from workings done with it and allies.

Version 2: (Bigger in size) the listed properties of version one plus, luck in treasure hunts, booster of magical potency in attraction and charming.

Instructions will be included with the amulet.


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