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Lucky nutmeg in see pueng and saneah oil


These loaded nutmegs are a blend of conjure and Thai necromancy, within them, is a blend of powders for success, good fortune, and attraction of general blessings, a takrut for open roads and victory, grounded stones, see pueng, nmp oils, blessed wax, ash, dirt from different places of power.
The nutmeg has been consecrated different times by different spirits (both realms above and below) and priests from different traditions.
It’s helpful with good luck, games of chance, increasing luck in your astrology, opening roads in matters of success, charming speech, mental focus, helps building up intuition.
It can extend by also taking some of the luck of a target and giving it to us to boost our luck, also helpful with attracting the kindness of others towards us and helps in matters of money all around.
Basic instructions with the amulet along with kata and suggested offerings will be included.