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Ong Kru Conjured Claw for protection and attraction (For travels)

$121.00 - $250.00

Road trips, vacations or commute to work, sometimes with companions or sometimes alone, each new venture brings with it excitement and a little bit of mystery. 
As we venture into the world, one never really know what could happen on the way to our destination, what areas we might be passing through, nor the day to day happenings known by locals of such places. having some protection can come in handy in such scenarios, and even better way to offer protection would be to have a charm in the vehicle to help keep us safe during our journey

The amulet is layered through a process of blessings by both sorcerers of different practices, Gary Noriyuki with conjure/Hedge-craft and ajarn Apichai with Thai Necromancy, with the purpose of protection during travels, and offering a thrice boosted helping hand.
It's made up of a blend of different powders, herbs, woods, dirt from different areas of power, fusion coins, different animal fur, bone, fangs of two types of beasts, a vial with conjuring oils a special blessing takrut and a blend of multiple oils of Thai sorcery.
The batch has undergone multiple rituals over the period of the last 9 months in both parts of the world, finalizing the blessing rituals during the last full moon, so spirit patrons could witness the final product of our workings. The amulet helps in matters of luck, charming, success and strongly in the side of protection from harm, and deliverance from iron fist, you can petition what you most desire and work together with the spirit residing in the amulet as you see fit.
Instructions of care and working will be included.