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Custom amulet/necklaces/oil.

$40.00 - $90.00
Custom amulet/necklaces/oil.

Custom pieces made for a specific purpose, this option is available for those who wish to commission either a charm or talisman, tailored to fit your needs, no piece is the same and each is made by steps necessary from divination to the building of the piece to bless, boost herbal charges with energies aimed to reach a specific goal and further layered and sealed with oils.

what's the difference between a charm and a talisman?

Charms are to bring/ attract specific energies of potential magic/sorcery, good luck to the person wearing/carrying it, they can differ from a type of jewelry to natural made bundles layered by appropriate herbs, powders, animal remains, etc.

Talismans provide protection from potential harm or evil to the person wearing/carrying it, likewise they can attract energies or good fortune, they can also differ the material they are made, from natural which could be stones, metals, bones of animals, plants, and so on, to man-made material such as religious medallions or small figurines.

Custom purpose condition Oil.
Tailored to fit your needs, simply let us know the type of condition base you seek, or let us know the situation and the goal in mind for the oil, and it will be crafted specifically for you.


These pieces are made to order and can take somewhere between 3 days to 21 days to be made before mailing out, the photos shown are only examples of pieces previously made.

I make no claims nor guarantees on the effects of the piece.

ALL sales are final.

Information provided are only suggestions.

These pieces are sold as curio only!