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The Phra Pu Ta Pak - (Buddha’s face)

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The amulet Phra Pu Ta Pak by ajarn apichai.
This amulet is a special piece as it has ashes of Krupa Jan mixed with powders Waan Saneah Jan Hom which makes up the body of the amulet in the shape of the face of buddah.
The amulet has been crafted with an ancient method which lists the face of Buddha as the most beautiful face, with this image and components, it helps with attraction, love and kindness of those around us, changing the mind of those who want to hurt us as it has great power of avoidance of danger and brings support to your plans, it’s power is not limited to just these attributes, you can connect with the spirit of Krupa Jan through the amulet, and other angelic beings supporting the amulet.
This is considered an angelic piece as it has the ashes of a top monk.
Kata and instructions will be included.