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Phra Somdet pong ya jindamanee embedded with takruts.


Reverend Grandfather Maen, Khao Chan Monastery, Phetchabun Province, Lapphon Poonthawee.

The amulet consists of a blend of sacred items such as Beef powder, Chindamanee formula Mix aloe vera according to the lineage and tradition.
Behind the tri nisihe yantra there is Khum Fa Khum Din talisman, which has the potential to restore one's destiny. Encourage your fortune not to deteriorate, great mercy, wards off bad luck, misfortune, and provides safety. supplemented with the heart of Phra Siwalee's heart You have great luck, great fortune, opportunity for a lot of assets, build a good career in trading, when doing business, it will bring people to support your cause.

Phra Somdej Amulet is accepted as The Eternal Best Amulet or The Emperor of The Amulets as well as is what many amulet collectors want to possess. People believe Phra Somdej amulet has several powers in itself as follows charm, protection, being invulnerable, good luck and wealth. Also, it is regarded to support a person’s ascendancy.