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Phra Rod’s Charm perfume by Ajarn wut.


Ajarn Wutkongmon's perfume.

The charm of Phra Rod as a perfume, unisex.
workable for all, cover yourself with the charm to enchant those around you to be nicer, to attract good luck, wealth and opportunity, capable to help in luck and love life.

Phra Rod (Phra Rod) is the oldest of the five ancient Buddhas of Thailand. Also known as Palofo or Clofod for his ability to evade danger, which would help the one who carried the charm with him with the ability to change negative things into positive, attract better luck and benefit in general.
According to the legends, Phra Rod is an attractive male divinity/angel. Both men and women, young and old, were drawn to him at first sight. According to legend, his two beautiful wives, Phra Peng and Phra Phan, wanted to embrace the male god, they begged a sorcerer for help and to performed the love enchantment ritual to make Palo (Phra Rod) fall in love with them, which shows how attractive he is. the charm of Palo, Whether used by men or women, it can enhance the personal charm and make the wearer loved by everyone regardless of the trade of industry, whether it is signing a contract, buying or selling or talking about business, you can achieve the goal without problems.

enchanted in rituals performed in honor of Phra Rod with offerings to the divinity, ajarn prayed numerous mantras over the perfumes along with other amulets also of the same divinity available in the store.

empower yourself and your aura with this unique item, for it comes with a Katha and instructions.


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